Center for Immunity and Inflammation

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   Yosuke Kumamoto, PHD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine

Center for Immunity and Inflammation



Dr. Kumamoto obtained his PhD from the University of Tokyo with Dr. Tatsuro Irimura. He started his training
as a biochemist studying the molecular function of mammalian C-type lectins, but later he got interested in
cellular immunology of cells expressing those lectins. In 2007, he moved to Dr. Akiko Iwasaki's laboratory at
Yale University, where he found that a subset of dendritic cells expressing a C-type lectin CD301b/MGL2 is
selectively required for the differentiation of Th2 cells as well as for the maintenance of metabolic
homeostasis. Dr. Kumamoto joined the Center for Immunity and Inflammation in 2017, where he studies the
role of dendritic cell subsets in adaptive immunity and inflammation.


PHD, 2007, The University of Tokyo
BS, 2002, The University of Tokyo