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   Jason Weinstein, PHD

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
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Department of Medicine
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Dr. Weinstein majored in biology at Northeastern University. Concomitantly, he interned for two years
in the antibody-engineering division of Millennium Pharmaceuticals where he cloned and humanized
murine monoclonal antibodies directed toward therapeutic targets in rheumatoid arthritis and multiple
sclerosis. After graduation, he worked for a year at Critical Therapeutics where he helped develop
anti-inflammatory fusion proteins as a sepsis therapeutic, solidifying a desire for a career in
immunology research. Dr. Weinstein then attended University of Florida, where he worked on
understanding the mechanisms that underlie the generation of autoreactive B lymphocytes in
lupus/chronic inflammation mouse models. After working with B cells in lupus, he went to Yale Medical
School to complete a post-doctoral fellowship on T cell biology in autoimmunity. Dr. Weinstein stayed
on and became faculty in the Section of Rheumatology where he began combining advanced
approaches in cellular immunology and genomics to investigate T- and B-cell dependent responses in
autoimmunity. Dr. Weinstein?s long-term research interests are to identify the signals from T cells that
regulate B cells in the chronic autoreactive state compared to those in an acute infectious response as
means to understand how adaptive immune cells malfunction in autoimmunity.


PHD, 2009, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

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