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   Darin Wiesner, PHD, BSN

Assistant Professor

Department of Medicine
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Dr. Wiesner performed his doctoral training at the University of Minnesota in the
Microbiology, Immunology & Cancer Biology graduate program. His PhD dissertation
focused on the induction, suppression, and detrimental consequences of helper T cell
responses to pulmonary fungal infections. During his postdoctoral fellowship at the
University of Wisconsin ??? Madison, he expanded this interest in T cells and fungi to
examine how proteolytic allergen damage to the airways is sensed and responded to by
lung epithelial cells to drive allergic T cell sensitization and asthma. Dr. Wiesner joined
faculty at Rutgers-NJMS in the Fall of 2021 where his lab will investigate how stromal
tissues in the lung impact T cell responses to fungal pathogens and allergens.


PHD, 2015, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
BSN, 2005, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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