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Andrew De la Torre1) Liver, Pancreas & Bile duct Surgery (Minimal access, Laparoscopic & open) 2) Clinical trials to improve treatment of cancers in the liver and pancreas. 3) Public health Education and screening for patients at high risk for liver cancer. 4) Immunotherapy to increase anti-tumor reaction (autologous vaccination) against cancers in the livers using Toll Like Receptor agonists and Oncolytic viruses 5)l Immunomodulatory effect of Vitamin D.Department of Surgery
Mark EinsteinAs Chair of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women's Health, I lead a multi-disciplinary group of outstanding faculty who are dedicated to improving the lives of women. Clinically, I am a Gynecologic Oncologist and active clinical researcher. As long as women still suffer from gynecologic malignancies and complex gynecologic problems, we need to continue to strive to raise the bar through creating new paths to diagnosis and treatment. I have dedicated my career to improving our way of tackling these difficult medical problems and will work with my patients to achieve the best cliDepartment of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women's Health
Roger HowellIonizing Radiation, Radionuclide, Dosimetry, Nuclear Medicine, Radioimmunotherapy, Therapeutics, Drug DesignDepartment of Radiology
Nicholas PonzioImmunology;immunological mechanisms of autism; tumor immunity; adoptive immunotherapy; cancer immunotherapy; Th1/Th2 biology; cancerDepartment of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Robert SchwartzKaposi's sarcoma, skin cancer, vitiligo, epidermal keratinocyte tumors, cutaneous markers of internal malignancy, dermatologic allergy and immunology, vitiligo, epidemiology, immunotherapy applications, Lyme Disease, acne, necrotizing fasciitis, melanoma, acanthosis nigricansDepartment of Medicine