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Madolene AliparoPediatric Asthma Pediatric TuberculosisDepartment of Pediatrics
David AllandInfectious Disease; Tuberculosis; drug resistance; biodefense;PCR diagnostics;Department of Medicine
Padmapriya BanadaMy overall research interest is in the development of integrative systems for sensitive, specific and rapid detection of bacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, fungi and viruses directly from the patient samples. Department of Medicine
Nancy Connellantibacterial drug discovery; predatory bacteria; novel antimicrobial agents; infectious disease immunology; mycobacterium tuberculosis; Select Agents; pathogen-macrophage interactions ; pathogenic mechanisms; biodefense; biological arms control; responsible conduct of research; active learning methodologiesDepartment of Medicine
Amy DavidowTuberculosis epidemiology, respiratory and infectious disease epidemiology longitudinal data analysis and biostatisticsDepartment of Preventive Medicine & Community Health
Thomas DickResearch interests Disease area: Tuberculosis (TB), Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial (NTM) lung disease. Topics: Antibacterial drug discovery, antimicrobial resistance. Department of Medicine
Karl DrlicaAntibiotic action and resistance with a focus on M. tuberculosis and other human bacterial pathogensPublic Health Research Institute
Eugenie DubnauM. tuberculosisPublic Health Research Institute
Jerrold EllnerImmunology;Infectious disease; innate immunity; tuberculosis and HIV infectionDepartment of Medicine
Patricia FontanMycobacterium tuberculosis, bacterial pathogenesisPublic Health Research Institute
Maria GennaroImmunology; tuberculosis; Th1 immunity; B-cell and T-cell epitopes; tuberculosis immunology in children; infectious diseasePublic Health Research Institute
Gilla KaplanImmunology and pathogenesis of tuberculosis and leprosyPublic Health Research Institute
Soyeon KimMy research interests are aimed at mitigating the public health impact of the HIV/AIDS and the resulting resurgent tuberculosis (TB) epidemics. I have participated in research to evaluate methods of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, co-infections with HIV, prevention and treatment of TB, and TB diagnostics. Much of my research in has been conducted in developing countries, including Thailand, Botswana, and South Africa. Working overseas has also spurred my interest in research capacity building in resource limited countries where infectious diseases are more prevalent.Department of Preventive Medicine & Community Health
Barry KreiswirthInfectious Disease;genotyping and evolutionary studies on Mycobacterium tuberculosis; Staphylococcus aureusPublic Health Research Institute
Marian PassannanteImpact of social factors on disease outcomes, questionnaire design and survey research, Epidemiology of tuberculosis, Injury epidemiology Department of Preventive Medicine & Community Health
Richard PineImmunology; tuberculosis; type I/II interferons; host immunity to TB; interferon regulatory factorDepartment of Medicine
Abraham PinterWith the inability of available HIV-1 vaccines to achieve protection, there is a clear need for the identification of novel vaccine targets and approaches. A key focus of the work of Dr. Pinter's lab is understanding the basis for the inability of the immune system to control HIV, and identification of new targets and vaccine approaches that may be able to overcome these limitations. The role of conformational masking towards neutralization resistance is being analyzed in detail, with a focus on specific determinants that contribute to masking and identification of mutations that can rPublic Health Research Institute
Gloria RodriguezThe main focus of the studies in my laboratory is the role of metal homeostasis in host-pathogen interactions. I am particularly interested in the effects of metal ion restriction resulting from nutritional immunity on the pathogenesis of M. tuberculosis (Mtb). My early training in bacteriology, cell biology and immunology, combined with over 25 years in the mycobacterial field, has given me the right foundation to study the biology of the tuberculous bacillus and the complex interplay between Mtb and its host. My group has significantly contributed to the current understanding of thPublic Health Research Institute
Hassan SafiThe long term of my research is to develop new vaccine against tuberculosis. I am using genetic tools as well as exposure to different chemicals as my model to create attenuated strains with strong immunogenic response and, therefore, efficient protection against tuberculosis. A ONE VACCINE with protection against all the strain types is the key for tuberculosis eradication. Department of Medicine
Padmini SalgameImmunology; Th1 immunity; tuberculosis; interleukin-12; T cell polarization; dendritic cells; Pathogenic Mechanisms; Infectious DiseaseDepartment of Medicine
Issar Smithtuberculosis, virulence, microbiology, public health; infectious disease;genetics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence; genes controlled by the regulatory proteins essential for M. tuberculosis virulence;to develop new strategies for the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosisPublic Health Research Institute
Vishwanath VenketaramanImmunology; innate immunity; tuberculosis; glutathione regulatory pathwaysDepartment of Medicine