Multidisciplinary PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Engineering Track

Joint Doctoral Training Program in Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering integrates engineering principles from physical, mathematical, chemical, and computational sciences with biomedical sciences to study medicine, behavior and health. The Biomedical Engineering program combines the strengths of the Rutgers School of Graduate Studies at the Newark Health Science Campus with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) to meet the growing needs for biomedical engineers at the cutting edges of technology and innovation. A diverse faculty lead research projects in areas such as:

* Behavioral Neuroscience
* Bioinformatics
* Biomaterials
* Biomechanics and Device Design
* Biophysics
* Computational Modeling
* Drug Design
* Imaging and Image Processing
* Implant Materials and Technology
* Instrument Design

* Molecular and Cellular Engineering
* Nanotechnology
* Neuroscience
* Rehabilitation Engineering
* Sensors
* Signal Processing
* Stem Cells
* Tissue Engineering
* Translational Research

The program is truly integrative across the two Universities: from course work, to laboratory rotations, to collaborative projects and training.

Benevenia, Joseph Our department provides exposure to a myraid of musculoskeletal investigations including molecular signaling, tissue engineering, enhancement of bone healing, m
Freundlich, Joel We study with chemical tools how pathogens, such as M. tuberculosis, adapt to life within the host and, in turn, how the host responds to the infection.
Associate Professor
Fritton, J Hormonal, mechanical, and pharmaceutical effects on bone and marrow tissues. Our work has implications for osteoporosis and the cellular repair of bone tissue.
Assistant Professor
Kannurpatti, Sridhar
Assistant Professor
Levison, Steven We are working to enhance regeneration of the CNS after pediatric stroke and traumatic injuries by understanding how to expand resident neural stem cells and we
Lin, Sheldon Our lab, Ortho bone regeneration medicine , focuses on stem cell, growth factor and systems in several models(long bone, fracture, fusion) of normal/impaired DM
Associate Professor
Moran, Elizabeth My lab aims to expand understanding of carcinogenesis and tissue regeneration, with particular focus on cellular targets of DNA tumor viruses in osteoblast diff
O'Connor, James We study how inflammation and the innate immune response regulate tissue regeneration with a particular emphasis on lipid mediators and bone regeneration.
Associate Professor
Pang, Kevin My research is in the realm of behavioral and cognitive neuroscience. Our current research focuses on the neural mechanisms of learning, memory and attention.
Peluffo, Ruben Biophysical chemistry of cardiac L-arginine transporters and their regulation by nitric oxide (NO) and reactive nitrogen species. NO signaling in muscular-dystr
Assistant Professor
Rohacs, Tibor Regulation of ion channels in sensory neurons: temperature sensors and nociceptors. Structure and function studies on TRPV6, an intestinal calcium transporting
Santhakumar, Vijayalakshmi My lab uses electrophysiology and computational modeling to examine how plasticity and modulation of inhibitory circuit connectivity contributes to epilepsy.
Adjunct Associate Professor
Serrador, Jorge I study integrative human physiology including cerebral blood flow regulation, vestibular-autonomic interactions, sex differences, neuromodulation.
Associate Professor
Servatius, Richard I am a Behavioral Neuroscientist interested in stress, the genesis of anxiety disorders, unexplained illness, developmental abnormalities, and military medicine
Tian, Bin Our lab studies evolution, mechanisms and consequences of alternative polyadenylation by computational and molecular biology approaches.
Tyagi, Sanjay We study the intracellular dynamics of mRNA synthesis and localization.

Admissions committee chair: Dr. Jorge Serrador
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